When It’s Time To Give Up And Get Outta There!

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Jeremiah 51:9a

We would have healed Babylon, but she cannot be healed; let us leave her and each go to our own land.


The land of Babylon had rejected the Lord so thoroughly that the people—neighboring friends and captive Israelis—knew there was nothing else they could do. They said, “We prayed that Babylon would be healed, but she can’t be healed. We’re heading back to our places of abode.”


Through the years I’ve loved to fish. I’ve had many great fishing excursions. In fact, on one occasion the fish were biting and a storm was coming and we knew we needed to get out of there, but when you’re landing fish left and right it’s hard to quit. On that day we were caught in a squall and only by the grace of God did we make it out and back home through the cut to safety. We failed to realize “When It’s Time To Give Up And Get Outta There.” I hate to suggest that certain people have gone too far, but it’s true. Sometimes we spend so much time on an individual wanting them to believe, but they’ve hardened themselves against the gospel to the point that we miss others who would gladly accept Christ if we would just tell them. In the end, only the Holy Spirit can actually draw someone to Jesus anyway. Instead of pushing, look for the signs of “When It’s Time To Give Up And Get Outta There!” Someone else needs Jesus too.


Dear Jesus,

Help me to spend my time with people who truly are searching for You. I know if their heart is ready, You are ready to reel them in. Amen

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