What Will It Take?

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Matthew 28:17

When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.


This verse is speaking of the eleven disciples who were left when Jesus prepared to leave the planet for His right-hand position at the throne of God in heaven. Remember, Judas had betrayed Jesus, then had hung himself. And Matthias had not yet been confirmed as the new disciple. The amazing revelation in this passage is that some of the eleven disciples still DOUBTED JESUS.


Whenever I read this verse I always think, “What Will It Take?” That’s right! Whoever the disciples were that still doubted Jesus (and we don’t know which ones Matthew is speaking of) had witnessed over forty miracles that Jesus had performed during His earthly ministry! They had also witnessed Him walking among the people of Jerusalem and interacting with them after His resurrection. This carried on for forty days! He was slaughtered on the cross, laid in a tomb, and three days later rose again for over 500 different people to witness, but some STILL DOUBTED. Here’s what’s important. As “Followers Of Jesus” we may doubt just like the disciples did, but make sure you eventually become convinced just like the disciples did. All of them, save John the Beloved, died a martyr’s death.


Dear Jesus,

I’m convinced! I know there are times when I still ask, “Lord where are You?” But those are only for brief moments. I am Your servant, Lord, and I believe! Amen

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