Throwing Shade

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Psalm 121:5

The Lord watches over you—the Lord is your shade at your right hand.


David was a warrior. Many of the Psalms are written with his military expertise showing through. Here, once again, King David references military insight. The “Right Hand” in military terms in that day represented one’s defenseless side in battle. But David said the Lord will help us by “Throwing Shade” at our right hand. “Shade” represented “Protection” in this particular context. David was saying, “God will be our protection on our side that has NO Protection!”


Today the line “Throwing Shade” is used by people when they are disrespecting someone. Or it’s used by someone who has been disrespected. A person will say, “They were Throwing Shade at me.” Isn’t it amazing what about three thousand years will do to our word choices? In David’s day, when God “threw shade” at David’s right hand, it meant God was protecting him. Today if someone “throws shade” at me, it means they’re disrespecting me. I guess what I want to say today is that I’d rather you not throw shade at me, but I’ll take all the shade I can get from Jesus. Anytime, any day and any way He can throw it, I need it!


Dear Jesus,

Please, today, I ask that You would once again “Throw YOUR Shade” at my right hand. Only You can really protect me. Amen


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