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Mark 12:37b

The large crowd listened to him with delight.


Jesus had recently arrived in Jerusalem for what is now known as the Passion week. He immediately went to the temple and moved on from there. He cursed a fig tree for not producing fruit, and then cleared out an unholy temple whose constituents had forgotten that the temple was a house of prayer. Then he answered questions and taught in parables. At this point the scripture says, “The large crowd listened to him with delight.”


As I read about Jesus’ words being a delight to listen to, I thought of my father. He was always a delight to me whenever he opened his mouth. He was fun and interesting and he cared about me and loved me. To know my dad was a delight. Jesus himself was a delightful personality. I mean He healed people and raised people from the dead and pulled money out of fishes mouths and had time for folks. Children adored Him and felt compelled to run to Him. John says, “He was the Word made flesh.” So His words were the Gospel, as was His very life. The word Gospel itself means “Good News.” I love “Good News” however I can get it but, for it to come from the mouth and life of Jesus Himself makes it, for me, “The Delightful Gospel!”


Dear Jesus,

I have no doubt that people were delighted to listen to Your words while You walked on earth. I’ve never seen You up close, but I know You up close and You, dear Lord, are my DELIGHT! Amen

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