They Took OFFENSE At Him!

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Mark 6:3

Isn’t this the carpenter? Isn’t this Mary’s son and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas and Simon? Aren’t his sisters here with us?” And they took offense at him.


This is the sad story of Jesus being rejected in His hometown. Yes, they had seen Him do miracles and expound with wisdom they had never considered. Yet because He was Joseph and Mary’s son, and because they had somehow grown up among them, they could not receive Him in a way that showed honor. Instead, the Bible says, “They Took OFFENSE At Him.”


When “They Took OFFENSE At Jesus,” they were indicting themselves as the uneducated Galileans. That’s the idea that most people had of the people who lived where Jesus was raised. They weren’t educated, or in any way identified with the philosophers or elite of their day. So here came Jesus, raised in their culture, among their folk, with little indication that He would be in any way different. However, when He began to be who He was born to be, instead of rallying around Him, “They Took OFFENSE At Him.” How utterly SORROWFUL this passage is. Here was their chance to break out of their history, but instead, they voted to continue being who they were known to be by others around them. Always remember that Jesus is our ticket OUT! Determine with me to never “Take OFFENSE At Jesus.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for loving me in my lowly estate. Any credibility I may have is because You elevated me by Your grace. Amen


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