Their HORN Will Be Lifted High

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Psalm 112:9

They have freely scattered their gifts to the poor, their righteousness endures forever; their horn will be lifted high in honor.


The HORN mentioned here was acknowledged in that day to be that of a man’s honor. The writer had been talking about the rewards of a generous, righteous, and just man. He said concerning such an individual that God would not only bless them in a mighty way but, that “Their HORN Will Be Lifted High.”


I’ve known men and women in my life who had great wealth. Many of them were spoken of behind their backs with utter scorn by people they had treated unfairly, or with a lack of moral integrity, or with a very tight-fisted reign on their money when it came to personal generosity towards others. On the other hand, I’ve know wonderful people who just seemed to get richer and richer money-wise as well as in the area of honor. Why? Because of their righteousness towards God and His people and their generosity, as well as a pursuit of justice, their fame continued to grow, well after their lives on earth ended. How does this work? It doesn’t happen accidentally. It happens when a man or woman lives on purpose to be the generous, righteous, justice-seeking individual God has called us all to be. To those who continue on this path as long as they live, God will cause, “Their HORN To Be Lifted High.”


Dear Jesus,

With Your help, I ask that as I endeavor to make my little space in time a better place for people to live, You would remember me. I’m not asking for fame or fortune, but that upon my demise, one day, You would Lift my HORN high for Your glory. Amen

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