The Sting Of Death

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1 Corinthians 15:45

So it is written: “The first man Adam became a living being”; the last Adam, a life-giving spirit.


Here St Paul wrestles with “The Sting Of Death” and wins. He said that because of the first man, Adam, a living being entered the world. However, because of that same first Adam, sin also entered the world. That living being actually perpetuated death because death is a result of sin. Yet when the second Adam (Jesus) came into the world, a life-giving spirit was now perpetuated. Why? Because Jesus conquered death.


Yesterday was a tough day for our church and me personally. One of our young fathers (if like me, you consider 39 still young) went to heaven several days ago, and yesterday was James’ homegoing celebration. He has two young sons and a wonderful wife, mother, and father. Oddly enough, it was our first gathering back in the house we call Trinity after no gatherings in the sanctuary since March 1st of this year! It was a different feeling to have our first service back to be a funeral service for a beloved brother. And “The Sting Of Death” was definitely in the air. Yet as hard as it will be for his family going forward, all of us agreed that James is where we all want to be. Because of that, we’ll bear “The Sting Of Death” for a while because Jesus has already conquered death, hell, and the grave!


Dear Jesus,

I feel a little odd talking about “The Sting of Death” while I want to encourage Your people this AM! Yet, I know that this is all a part of life. So if You put the reality of death in Your Holy Word, I’m willing to talk about it and bring hope where there may be despair! Amen

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