The Perfect Ending

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Nehemiah 13:31b

“Remember me with favor, my God.”


In closing this book of the Bible, Nehemiah asked God to remember him with favor. Nehemiah believed he had done everything in his power to purify the priesthood and the marriages of Israel, the people of which had been discovered to have intermarried with people of heathen nations. This had happened while the Israelis were separated and exiled in Babylon. In the final analysis, the last sentence of Nehemiah’s prayer was probably, “The Perfect Ending” for his life’s work.


I think the vilest malcontent and the humblest of pious men and women if they believe there is a God in heaven, would pray the last line of Nehemiah’s prayer. “Remember me with favor, my God!” How can any human on this planet not cry to God from a humble heart in the face of Whom they are addressing? If you believe there is a God and know that you are moments away from facing Him, whether you are the most wicked criminal or Mother Teresa, wouldn’t you say, “Remember me with favor, my God?” Think about that line. It is both a plea and a demand. It’s promoted from both a fearful and a loving heart. It’s a beg and a reasoning. It’s who you and I are when talking about the day we will go to meet Him. If you get the chance just before you go to heaven, why not pray Nehemiah’s last sentence. “Remember me with favor, my God.” It seems to be “The Perfect Ending.”


Dear Jesus,

I don’t believe I will ever let a day go by without asking you to remember me with favor. I’m not sure I’ve done enough or been good enough or any of the “enoughs” it takes to receive Your favor, but please “Remember me with favor, my God.” Amen

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