The Innocent Will Be Free

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Job 23:7

There the upright can establish their innocence before him, and there I would be delivered forever from my judge.


Here Job established his own innocence and the fact that if he could somehow find God, then even God would completely deliver him from judgment.


Not long ago, on a Saturday (Sabbath) afternoon in our all Jewish neighborhood, I leisurely stopped at a stop sign and pulled away at about a 20-mph clip. There was no one in sight. All of a sudden, like a “butterfly out of heaven,” a huge four-wheel-drive black police vehicle with red and blue flashing lights pulled up behind me and a loudspeaker could be heard saying, “Pull over and turn off your engine!” Panicked, I obeyed with no clue as to what had happened. The rookie police officer said I had rolled through the stop sign, which is illegal, and wrote me a $200 ticket! At that moment, I was beyond myself with the sense of injustice perpetrated upon me. No one saw it but the young man who had the authority to accuse me. There were no cameras to record it. And right there, I was falsely accused. I thought if I could just get to God and have God plead my case, that young officer would wilt in His presence. My case is puny in light of what happens to people every minute of every day in my country and all over the world. But the truth is one day “The Innocent Will Be Free” because of the one who paid the price for all of our sins. His name is Jesus.


Dear Jesus,

I know You’re with me, and no matter what happens to me here on earth, one day I will enter Your eternal heaven. Free at last. Amen


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