The Folly Of Serving Your Own Creation

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Psalm 135:18

Those who make them will be like them, and so will all who trust in them.


Here King David had been talking about “The Folly Of Serving Your Own Creation.” And if you’re thinking that David was speaking of nations that were consumed with idol making you are correct. He said the more one puts their trust in serving something their own mind and hands have created, the more they will become like the “Thing” their hands created. The “Thing” cannot move, hear, see, touch, speak, or decide.


A week ago today, a Virginia family was driving in their pick-up and ran over what they thought was a bag of trash. They pulled over and picked it up off of the road, and there was another one just like it in a ditch nearby. They threw both bags in the back of their pick-up and headed home. Instead of throwing the bags in the trash, they opened one and found it packed with money. The other bag was also filled with money. They took the bags to the sheriff’s dept and found that the bags were lost, but they contained nearly a million dollars! Someone had made that money! But now it was lost and was essentially blowing in the wind on the freeway. Whatever one can make with their own mind and hands is unworthy of our worship. The two lost bags were worth a million dollars—but left on the side of the road, they were worth nothing. If we worship our creation, one day it will be worth nothing more than a bag of trash blowing in the wind. That’s “The Folly Of Serving Your Own Creation.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I cannot forget that many years ago I committed my life to serving only YOU. You are the only one who creates from nothing. I will always serve You, the Creator. Amen

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