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Psalm 68:3

But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.


Here King David spelled out his desire for the RIGHTEOUS. He wasn’t talking about the way of the LEGALISTIC. He desired that the way of the RIGHTEOUS would be GLADNESS, that they would REJOICE, that they would be HAPPY, and that they would be JOYFUL. “That’s The Way I Wanna Be.”


I think there is a point in everyone’s life that if they had the choice, they’d rather be attractive than unattractive. Maybe it happens in elementary. Maybe it happens after puberty. Maybe it happens in young adulthood. Maybe it happens at all of those times, but I believe somewhere in a person’s life it happens to them. These characteristics that King David mentioned are all marked by the fact that they can be attained with one’s decision. How do people achieve anything? They get a vision of what they want or what they want to be, and they make choices that align with the vision they have. However, David’s desire for the RIGHTEOUS can be had by all who would seek to please the Lord. And, nothing makes a person more ATTRACTIVE than these four qualities of life. Think about these virtues: to be GLAD, to REJOICE, to be HAPPY, to be JOYFUL. The more you think about them, you’ll probably say with me, “That’s The Way I Wanna Be!”


Dear Jesus,

I know there is the potential to choose the opposite of every virtue mentioned above, but that’s why I serve You. I know You will help me to be glad and rejoice and be happy and joyful. Truly, “That’s The Way I Wanna Be!” Amen

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