St. Paul, The Apostle To The City

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Romans 28:31

He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!


This is the final verse in the book written by St. Paul to the people of Rome while he was living in Corinth. It was Paul’s final desire to finish his course in Rome. He was taken there under heavy guard, sent by King Agrippa, because he had appealed his court case to Rome as he was a Roman citizen. It is assumed (though lacking specific evidence) that Paul was beheaded in Rome when the diabolical Nero ordered the execution of countless Christians in AD 64. The Apostle’s central motivation when establishing the church of Jesus Christ was to establish each church in large big and influential cities at that time in history. He wasn’t known for his countryside preaching; he has always been known as, “St. Paul, The Apostle To The City.”


Big cities are often difficult places to establish a beachhead for the sake of the gospel. Yet that’s how the gospel thrived after the death and resurrection of Jesus. St. Paul and others went to the great cities of Asia Minor and established strategic footholds for the gospel in each one of them. The disciples, in general, went to large cities as well. Why? The gospel flourishes best with people, not geography. Wherever there are large masses of people and overwhelming spiritual darkness, we are promised in this same book of Romans 5:20 that God will provide so much light from heaven that people will be drawn to that light. Paul is proof as that is exactly what happened in the early church. That’s what is happening today too. Now it’s your turn and mine to pray for and go to the great cities of the world and shine Jesus’ light.


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for calling our family to this great city of Miami, so many years ago. You have proven Your grace to us over and over again. Amen


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One thought on “St. Paul, The Apostle To The City

  1. Thank you , Pastor Rich, for being a beacon for our community. We appreciate all that you do to bring us to know Jesus better each day.