Sometimes The Best Thing To Say Is Nothing

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Job 2:13

Then they sat on the ground with him for seven days and seven nights. No one said a word to him, because they saw how great his suffering was.


This is the story of Job, who had lost everything and had been covered by open sores to the point that he writhed in pain and agony. When his three friends came to visit him, they saw from a distance that he was suffering and they wept aloud for him and tore their garments from their bodies. When they arrived in Job’s presence, they sat for seven days and said nothing.


“Sometimes The Best Thing To Say Is Nothing.” I’ve been with people in my life that, like Job, were so broken by the circumstances of life that I was sad for them. It’s in those times that I’ve wanted to say something, but instead just sat with them. Sometimes I have put my arm around a brother or a sister and held them tight. Words sometimes get in the way of what is really needed in times of deep sorrow. What is really needed in those dark times is company. Someone who is there, just so the broken one is not alone. As the three friends sat for seven days and nights, speechless in Job’s presence, he began to gather strength to speak. In time pain begins to wear off, especially when a silent friend is present. Job went on to gain back double of everything he had lost. I’m thankful for his friends who knew the beauty of silence.


Dear Jesus,

Today, with Your help, I will keep silent instead of opening my mouth to give my opinion. May I remember today that “Sometimes The Best Thing To Say Is Nothing.” Amen

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