Remember Your Good Times, The BEST TIMES Are Next

S. O. A. P.

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Job 29:2

How I long for the months gone by, for the days when God watched over me.


Job was looking back and reminiscing about his GOOD OLD DAYS when God really cared for him. He was saying this to his three lousy friends. He was in such a personal mess that he had no intention of looking forward with any hope whatsoever. Instead, his eyes were glued to his rear-view mirror.


Job was in no condition to believe that anything good could happen to him again. Most likely, during this immensely painful season for Job, he probably convinced himself that he had received at least a hundred times as much in his previous life than anyone else he had ever met. Like so many of us do when something bad happens, he probably thought that the GOOD TIMES were over. Now he would be relegated by God to live like most other people he knew. However, God had bigger plans for Job than he had faith to believe for. In time he would be paid back double for all of the things he had lost. What about you today? I hope you haven’t given up like Job did, to the point that he said, “When God Use To Watch Over Me.” Friend, no matter how bad life gets, God never stops watching over you and me. Because of this fact, here’s what I want to prophesy today, “Remember Your GOOD TIMES, Your BEST TIMES Are Next!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m grateful today that Your grace is sufficient for me every day of the year. Even when I’m tempted to look back to the really GOOD TIMES, I’m reminded that my BEST TIMES are still ahead. Amen

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