Prepare To Be Used

S. O. A. P.

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Daniel 1:17

To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds.


“These four young men,” refers to the four Hebrew young men known by their Babylonian names: Belteshazzar (Daniel), Shadrach (Hananiah), Meshach (Mishael), and Abednego (Azariah). Their Hebrew names are in parenthesis. They refused to eat the King’s food fare. So he agreed to their being tested by him. They could eat their diet, and his men would eat the King’s diet. At the end of the test, the Hebrew boys won out easily. Beyond this, the scripture said God gave them unusual abilities to learn the arts and sciences of their day. Besides this, Daniel could interpret dreams and visions, which embraced the miraculous.


This is a famous and very memorable story from Holy Scripture. But there’s one thing that I seldom hear told from this passage. Here it is, “Prepare To Be Used.” If you study the background of these Hebrew young men, you will know that they had a penchant for study and research. History tells us that they had mastered the then known literature of their day. They weren’t just “cool good-looking guys.” No! They had studied, they were brilliant, they were prepared, and God gave them an unusual understanding of what they were researching! I would assume that they were amazing in the field of debate. Why is this important? Because, if we are willing to prepare ourselves to be used of God, God will, in turn, take what we give Him and add His “Super” onto our “Natural.” Those are the people that end up walking into the fire and meeting Jesus there. They come out unharmed because if we do what we can do, then God all do what only He can do. So get ready, “Prepare To Be Used.”


Dear Jesus,

I’ll never stop preparing for work in Your Service, Lord. Help me keep my eyes on You. You’re the only reason I keep preparing. Your mission is my mission. Amen

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