Please Lord, Just One More Chance

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Lamentations 5:21

Restore us to yourself, Lord, that we may return; renew our days as of old.


This is the second to last verse of the book of Lamentations. Many theologians attribute the writing of this book to the prophet Jeremiah. He was known in scripture as the “weeping prophet.” It seems no one sorrowed more over the destruction of his beloved Jerusalem than Jeremiah. Here, he asked God to turn their hearts back to the Lord and restore them to the day when times were good.


I think all of us have experienced a time in our lives where we begged God for a “Do-Over.” But no matter how much we’d like it to happen, God is not going to change anyone’s mind for them. And it’s for sure we can’t turn back the clock. What God will do is convict us of trouble or hidden sin, remind us of scripture we’ve misinterpreted, and love us like no other. However, only you and I can have a change of heart. Only you and I can walk away from our present failure and run towards the Lord. And if we will, I can assure you that He will listen when we pray, “Please, Lord, Just One More Chance.”


Dear Jesus,

I’ve never known You to let me have a “Do-Over” ever. But, time and time again, You’ve let me have one more chance. I sure have had a lot of “One Mores” in my life. Thank You for burying my sin in Your sea of forgetfulness. Amen

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