On My Watch

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2 Chronicles 34:33b

As long as he lived, they did not fail to follow the Lord, the God of their ancestors.


The subject of this verse is King Josiah Of Judah. At the young age of 8, Josiah began to reign after his father and grandfather had made a mockery of the things of God. He was dead by the age of 39, but what he accomplished in his 31 years of leading is amazing. He turned Judah back to God and tore down all the idol worship in the land so that on his watch, Judah remained faithful to their God, the Lord God Almighty.


Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Lord, what would You have me accomplish ‘On My Watch?” When I refer to “My Watch,” I’m referring to the allotted time the Lord has granted all of us. You’ve heard the line, “Not On My Watch!” This is a way of saying that something undesirable in your opinion will not be allowed to operate anywhere near you or your family while you’re alive. But what is it that you want to happen “On Your Watch?” None of us are guaranteed another day. All of us must have a plan of some kind laid out that we want to see the Lord do through us on our watch. I’m not sure any of us are capable of doing what Josiah did, but surely you and I can set out to live for Jesus, promote Jesus, and obey Jesus on our watch. Yes! That’s an excellent start! Just say it with me, “Lord with Your help, I will live for You, and I will promote You and I will obey You On My Watch!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, all I can say is You know my heart. You know my desire to make the above happen “On My Watch.” Amen

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One thought on “On My Watch

  1. Today’s devotional is an answer to my quest, as it calmed down my anxiety. I know that I must go sooner or later but I wish to go with Jesus before me, on my watch with the number of my days complete. I pray to be His righteousness and to finish victorious. Thank You, Pastor Rich, for showing me the way!