Off Limits Is Usually Posted For A Reason

S. O. A. P.

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Judges 14:19

Then the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon him.


Samson was a young man who had been unusually blessed of the Lord. He ruled for 20 years during the days of Israel’s JUDGES. He had been blessed with “Other Worldly Strength.” He had taken the Nazarite Vow as a boy and never was a razor to touch his head. His strength was in his hair length. The vow he had taken was the holiest vow possible for an Israeli. To move into Philistine territory for anything other than war for an Israeli, was to move into posted territory that said for the Israelite, “OFF LIMITS.”


Samson was young, powerful, and arrogant at this time in his life. His parents knew it, and so did the Lord. God used this occasion for heavenly purposes since Samson was bent on going where he knew he shouldn’t. It’s a long story, but while there Samson tasted the love of a forbidden Philistine woman. He married her and lost her, and because of it, he wrought havoc on those people. But Samson could never get the “Off Limits” women out of his soul after that event. He ended up going back, and this time found a woman named Delilah. The rest is history, and you probably know it. The name Delilah from that time on is usually said with a bit of an eyebrow raise to it. The trouble this woman caused in Samson’s life, just because of his rebellion, has been forever stamped into the minds of people the world over. That’s why “Off Limits Is Usually Posted For A Reason.”


Dear Jesus,

Once again today, I’m asking early this AM for You to help me stay within the boundaries You have set for me, for my good. With Your help, I believe I will. Amen

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