NO! You Can’t Only IMAGINE!

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John 21:25

Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.


John the Beloved was one of Jesus’ top three personal associates when speaking of the original twelve disciples. Certainly Jesus loved them all, but He was especially close to these three and scripture bears that out. Here John says in the very last verse of his gospel that Jesus did many other things while on this earth, and that if everything was written in its entirety the world couldn’t contain the number of books written about it!


That’s an amazing statement by Jesus’ close associate, the Apostle John. Think about it. If you were to read everything Jesus said and did in the four gospels in a straight line, I’m sure you could do it easily in sixty to ninety minutes! I heard someone say it could be done in thirty. However, John says He did so much more than that and the world couldn’t contain the number of books that could be written about it. You say, “I can only imagine.” But let me respond by saying, “NO! You Can’t Only IMAGINE!” I’m not going to comment on the validity of John’s statement. I’m simply going to say that Jesus certainly did so much more than was ever written or recorded about Him. I’m just so thankful that we have what we have. The words of Jesus changed my life as a young man, and they continue to change my life every day. It would take many, many books to begin to record what He’s done for me personally. And … “NO! You Can’t Only IMAGINE!”


Dear Jesus,

There are no words to try to express my heartfelt love and desire for you loving kindness to me. But when I do begin, I won’t know where to end. Your love amazes me. Amen

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