No Greater Love

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John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.


In chapters 13-17 of this great Book of John, Jesus gave His disciples not only instruction but tremendous encouragement as He prepared for the cross. He told them before He did it that the most loving thing a person could do for his or her friend is to lay down their life for that friend. There is “No Greater Love” than that.


Seated at that table was Judas, who later betrayed the Lord as Jesus knew he would. Jesus’ love was so great that He laid His life down for His betrayer. What kind of love do you believe you possess? When I think of that question, I immediately think of my family. I think of blood relationships first, and then I think of friends I have a close relationship with. However, when Jesus thought about laying His life down for friends, He was speaking of the whole world, that means EVERYONE. His love equally covered people who loved Him and people who hated Him. We as “Jesus Followers” can in no way be exclusive when it comes to loving people. In that regard, all people are the same when it comes to our loving them. When it comes to asking if we have “No Greater Love,” which is what it takes to love everyone unconditionally, that is a question you and I can only answer on our own.


Dear Jesus,

I want to ask You to check my love for people continually. I want to be so like You, my Lord, that I would be willing to lay my life down for my friends. He had “No Greater Love,” is what I want my friends to say about me. Amen

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