Maybe the Garden Of Eden Isn’t What You Need

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Ezekiel 28:13a

You were in Eden, the garden of God.


Here the Prophet Ezekiel speaks of Satan in the Garden of Eden. He suggests that Satan had it all, so to speak, but he didn’t have the throne of God. In the end he has destroyed 1,000s of times more than all the folks who have died as of this writing.


It’s as if Satan had everything a man could ever want. Earlier in this same passage, the King of Tyre was a real person. But here it’s obvious that God was speaking of the Satan of this world. Halfway through the text the writer says, “You Were in Eden, The Garden of God.” Yes, it’s true that in this Garden humans threw it all away for a taste of fruit. Sometimes things can be going so well that we let our guard down, and when we do the devil moves in with every form of temptation one can imagine. Which leads me to say, “Maybe the Garden of Eden Isn’t What You Need.” If the Garden of Eden can take Satan himself down, maybe God is trying to tell us something. When things are really good, and the air has shifted from being in your face to being at your back, it’s time to watch out! Because “Maybe the Garden of Eden Isn’t What You Want.”


Dear Jesus,

I don’t ever want the Garden of Eden. Instead I want Your perfect will for my life. Help me to stay in the kind of spiritual, emotional, and mental health that will keep me after the fun is over and the job fades. Most of all just keep me. Amen

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