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Psalm 120:7

I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war.


Here the Psalmist writes that he wants peace to reign. However, those surrounding him during his dire circumstance only wanted war.


The aggressor in any war is always the one wanting to take what belongs to someone else. Obviously in this situation we read that the writer was defending PEACE, while the aggressor wanted something the writer had, and perhaps the aggressor wanted the writer dead. Either way, conflict was at the center of the issue. What do you do in the midst of conflict? War brings sorrow, pain, ruin, maiming, death, and dislodging. Is war worth it? Perhaps it is if the aggressor is out to annihilate you. However, the pursuit of PEACE must be exhausted before the sword is drawn. We are living in times where people are ready to draw the sword at the drop of a hat, or a stop sign is accidentally neglected. On this day, may we together “Make PEACE Not War!”


Dear Jesus,

Help me today be the one who makes PEACE, no matter the desperation of others who desire WAR. Amen

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