Lord, Please Give Me A Break

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Nehemiah 5:19

Remember me with favor, my God, for all I have done for these people.


This is the end of a report/prayer that Nehemiah wrote in this chapter. He detailed all of the things he did during his 12 years of gubernatorial leadership over Jerusalem under the authority of King Artaxerxes. He spoke of the goodness of his heart and his kind charity as well. He talked of what he did for the people, which previous governors had refused to do. Then he said that he had 150 people eat and drink at his table daily for free. At this point, he then said, “Lord, Please Give Me A Break.”


Now Nehemiah, really said, “Remember me with favor, my God, for all I have done for these people.” But what he’s asking for is, “Lord, Please Give Me A Break.” Whenever you and I do something that feels hard, and we’re doing it for someone else, we think for some reason we have gained status in heaven as a really good person. I’m not against that, and I’ve been guilty of it on many occasions. However, when you read what Nehemiah said from a distance, it somehow sounds that he felt he deserved a break from God simply because he was such a good person. Yet it was King David who said in Ps. 53:3b, “There is no one who does good, not even one.” Nehemiah, a good Jew, knew the way the real men of God of Israel operated. They walked with humility. Isaiah said, “All of our righteous acts are like filthy rags” (Is. 64:6)! No one measures up in the sight of our great God. Yet it was the Lord who said in Jer. 33:3, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” So certainly, as Nehemiah saw things, he was simply calling out to the Lord to say, “Lord, Please Give Me A Break!”


Dear Jesus,

Sometimes, on this side of heaven, the burdens get pretty intense. So I’m hiding behind the words of Nehemiah this AM to say the same thing he said, “Lord Please Give Me A Break.” Amen


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