Let Me Tell You What I Know

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Job 27:11

I will teach you about the power of God, the ways of the Almighty I will not conceal.


These are the words of Job to his three friends. Prior to his severe testing by the Lord, his words would have been different. But here, he speaks of the side of God some have never experienced. Throughout this book of Job, one finds the loving side of God and the testing side of God. But Job desired to teach his friends about the Almighty, and what he said was, “Let Me Tell You What I Know.”


Because I’ve never been tested to the degree Job was, I can’t possibly know of the depths of Job’s testing. Yet I have had a life-long experience of knowing and loving the King of Kings. Because of that, “Let Me Tell You What I know.” I have found Him to be a friend who sticks closer than a brother. He is always there. Let me say that again, Jesus has never left me or forsaken me. He has always been there. Even as I write, I feel His presence. In the darkest valley and on the brightest mountaintop of life’s experiences, He is with me. I’ve yelled at him, cried, pitied myself, and then gotten happy again, all in the space of a few hours! He always stays with me, comforts me, and lifts me back up to stand again. When it comes to my ultimate battle, Jesus is the best cornerman, referee, promoter, and owner of me I could ever hope for. No wonder I have never lost a battle to date. Finally, let me tell you one more thing I know about the Lord. Without Him, I could do nothing.


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for who You are. Thank You that You have never lost a battle and that You taught me how to win. That’s what I know. Amen

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