Keep Me Lord

S. O. A. P.

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Psalm 141:4a

Do not let my heart be drawn to what is evil.


King David had known the sorrows of the “Valley of Defeat” when it came to moral failure. He had paid so dearly that even in his senior years he was continually praying this prayer: “Keep Me, Lord!”


The Bible is filled with caution when it comes to the desires of the flesh. And of course, you and I both know that the flesh craves, it just craves to be fed. Anything done in excess is fulfilling the desires of the flesh; however, some things will destroy you initially. Excess has nothing to do with it. That was mostly what David was praying for at this point in his life. Lord keep me from that which is evil is a kinder way of saying, “Lord keep from that which will destroy me right away.” Here’s what I’ve learned in these six decades of living, the “youthful lusts” that Paul told Timothy to flee are lusts that spring forth in your youth and track you to the grave. So today join with me in saying, “Keep Me, Lord!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m old enough to know this battle never ends regardless of age and wisdom. So once again today I’m asking, “Keep Me, Lord!” Amen

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