Jesus, Please Make Your Face Shine On Us Today

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Psalm 67:1

May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us.


The Psalmist prayed a simple prayer that was the cry of every Israeli, and it is still the cry of many today. The whole prayer is for God’s graciousness or kindness, His blessing—which was a prayer for prosperity, and finally that His face would shine upon them. This simply meant that God’s favor would be upon them.


I’ve heard it said since I was a young boy, “Jesus, Please Make Your Face Shine On Us Today.” But, what does that mean? If you were to call me and I was in the same room, I would turn my face toward you and you would have my attention. If I was busy when you called, I may turn my face toward you but perhaps I would not shine my face in your direction. In other words, your call may have been an interruption. But if I knew you and you called for me I would turn and shine my face upon you, which means you would have my full attention with my joy added to the attention I was giving you. But I’m human. God is not. He is our Heavenly Father and it is His joy to answer the call of His children. When He shines His face upon us, His favor is extended on our behalf. Favor is the game changer the enemy, the devil, cannot compete with. And so today I pray, “Jesus, Please Make Your Face Shine On Us Today.”


Dear Jesus,

You know the cry of my heart this AM! Amen

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