It’s My Birthday, And Hope Is Alive

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Ezekiel 16:62

So I will establish my covenant with you, and you will know that I am the Lord.


Which covenant was God making with Judah at this point? According to Galatians 3:17, the covenant God made with Abraham was made 430 years before the law was given to Moses, and the law did not nullify the covenant made with Abraham. But this covenant the Lord gave through Ezekiel was a brand-new covenant: the promise that Jesus was coming. The writer of Hebrews spends the entire letter on the theme that Jesus is better than anything that has been before or will come after.


Because of this verse, I want you to know, “It’s My Birthday, And Hope Is Alive.” I won’t tell you how old I am, but this verse on my birthday always points to hope. Life has never offered what it has offered this past year in my country. I know there is a pandemic, but where I live, there’s a spiritual crisis of unheard-of proportions. Ezekiel, the prophet of the Lord in this chapter, spoke with vitriolic wrath against the sins of Judah and it’s capital Jerusalem. He said the nation’s sins were worse than both Sodom and Samaria. He compared Judah to a wife who had chased after other lovers and paid them for sexual considerations. Then he asked, what prostitute pays her lovers? He condemned Judah for such a sin. Yet in the end, God told Judah, “I will make a new covenant and the new covenant, brought by the death of His one and only son Jesus (of whom He was speaking), is better than any covenant I’ve made before.” You and I both, since our birth, have lived under the new covenant that Jesus Christ is Lord. So you can see why, on this date, I always acknowledge that “It’s My Birthday, And Hope Is Alive.”


Dear Jesus,

No matter how bad things get on this side of heaven, I’m always reminded that Jesus paid for my sins by His sacrificial death on the cross, and I live under the covenant of grace because of it. I’m grateful for another year of life, but even more that because of Jesus, I’ll always have hope. Amen

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