Impossible Possibilities

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1 Chronicles 2:4

Judah’s daughter-in-law Tamar bore Perez and Zerah to Judah. He had five sons in all.


Judah had three sons named Er, Onan, and Shelah. The first son was married to Tamar and died before she bore him a child. By Israeli law, when that happened, the next brother in line had to marry his older brother’s widow so his line could be preserved with a child. Er’s brother, Onan, married her and died. Judah said to Tamar, “Go and live with your father until my younger son Shelah grows up.” Judah never kept his promise to Tamar, and one day Judah’s wife Shua died. Judah, in his grief, went to Timnah. Tamar took off her widow’s garment and dressed as a prostitute and Judah, not knowing it was Tamar, hired her to sleep with him. She became pregnant with Judah’s child. Later it was reported to Judah that Tamar was pregnant. He said, “Bring her to me so she can be burned in the fire for this sin.” When Tamar arrived, she came bringing Judah’s seal and cord and staff, which he had loaned her as a promise that he would pay her. When Judah saw it was Tamar, he repented and blessed her. Tamar had twin boys, Perez and Zerah. And that’s how Judah had five sons.


This is the ultimate bait and switch, and the one doing the baiting is the righteous person in this story. Isn’t it amazing that Tamar is one of the five women mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus? All five women had questionable stories concerning their lives, yet their names are in the greatest selling book of all times, and ours isn’t! When I read Holy Scripture, I realize it’s a book of “Impossible Possibilities.” It gives me hope that there’s room for me in God’s kingdom.


Dear Jesus,

Thank You this AM that You made Tamar part of Your historical foremothers. Thank You that it gives me hope that I too can share in Your kingdom. Amen

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