If It Were Me

S. O. A. P.

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Job 5:8

But if I were you, I would appeal to God; I would lay my cause before him.


During Job’s tremendous trial, three so-called friends came and visited. Over the next several days of his suffering, they pontificated their knowledge as if they knew something about suffering. One of them, Eliphaz, did say some wonderful things. He simply said, “If It Were Me, I’d lay my cause before the Lord.”


Not everything that these three people said to Job was applicable, or even made sense considering the amazing amount of pain and emotional stress he was enduring at the time. However, as simple as this verse may sound, it works. In fact, in my life of service unto our blessed Savior, laying my cause before Him in prayer has ALWAYS worked. The prophet Isaiah said, “Come now let us reason together says the Lord” (Is. 1:18a). It is God’s desire that we come to Him in prayer and simply reason with Him. He’s not a child that demands attention, and He’s not an unyielding old man either. No! He is our loving Father. Whatever you may be facing this AM, “If It Were Me, I’d lay my cause before the Lord.” I’m just saying.


Dear Jesus,

I’m grateful this AM that Your desire is for me to lay my cause before You. It’s Your desire that we reason together over this issue. As insignificant as my opinion or feelings really are in Your presence, You WANT to talk about it. Thank You! Amen


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