I Will Celebrate Before The Lord

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2 Samuel 6:21b

I Will Celebrate Before The Lord.


These were the words of King David to his wife Michal after she had accused and mocked him for his (what she thought was excessive and indecent) celebration before the Lord. After her accusation, David simply replied, “I Will Celebrate Before The Lord.”


David had danced before the Lord, very scantily dressed, as the ark was brought into Jerusalem. But there was no ill intent on the part of David; he simply got lost in His celebration of worship. What his wife did was judge his motives. That brought a sharp rebuke from her husband and a judgment from God. The scripture says at the end of the story that Michal’s womb was shut for the rest of her life, and she bore no children. It’s easy to observe that God loves the praises of His people. Even when mortal man condemns such praise, God embraces outlandish praise before Him. The next time someone judges your worship of the Most High, respond like King David did and say, “I Will Celebrate Before The Lord!”


Dear Jesus,

I want to celebrate with an offering of praise that You are my God this AM and every AM. I will not stop celebrating You my Lord, no matter what! Amen

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