How Can I Help You?

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2 Samuel 9:1

David asked, “Is there anyone still left of the house of Saul to whom I can show kindness for Jonathan’s sake?”


David, after Saul’s death, became king over Judah. After the death of Saul’s last son, Ish-Bosheth, who followed his father as King of Israel and was later murdered, the men of Israel came to David and said, “Be our king.” David unified Judah and the other tribes and conquered Jerusalem. He defeated more and more Philistines and was continually triumphant. He brought the ark back to Jerusalem and offered prayers to the Lord in humility. After all of this, David asked, concerning the house of his fallen friend Jonathan, “Is there anyone left from Saul’s household that I can show kindness to?”


Whenever you think of the sovereign of a nation, you might immediately think of an arrogant person who is demanding and wants to be served. In the life of King David of Israel, we see a sovereign who lived with a mentality that was quick to ask, “How Can I Help You?” Certainly David, like you and me, was far from perfect. At the core of David’s being, however, was a true servant’s heart that looked for ways to make people’s lives better. He lived a life that, for the most part, demanded justice. When he failed to be just, he was willing to confess it and repent. Is it any wonder why we still speak of him some three thousand years later? Perhaps it’s true that the greatest legacy a person can leave is a legacy that is quick to ask, “How Can I Help You?”


Dear Jesus,

When it comes to being a leader, help me always insert the word “Servant” in front of the word “leader.” As I read Your word, I realize that the quickest way to impact people for life is through service. Amen

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