His Promise Still Stands

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Haggai 2:5

This is what I covenanted with you when you came out of Egypt. And my Spirit remains among you. Do not fear.


In the previous verse, the Lord spoke through the prophet Haggai to Zurabbabel, the governor of Judah, and Joshua, the high priest, telling them to, “Be strong and work, for I am with you.” This was the same promise God had given many years before to Moses and Joshua when he brought them out of Egypt in pursuit of the Promised Land.


There’s right at a thousand years separating Moses, the greatest leader in history (other than Jesus), from Haggai. Yet the Lord gave each of them the same promise. I’m thinking this AM of my two grandfathers, one who passed away in 1955 and the other who passed away in 1963. They were 56 and 80 respectfully when they went to heaven. Each of them, from their early twenties, preached the SAME gospel that my father preached in his day and that I preach today. It doesn’t matter what time in history any of us lived, or who we would call “The Great Men and Women Of God.” When speaking of our blessed Lord and Savior, “His Promise Still Stands!” That’s right, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Nothing has changed in His character or with His PROMISES. Perhaps you’ve felt like “that was then but this is now” when you read Scripture. Let me assure you right here and right now, “His Promise Still Stands!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m so very grateful this AM that Your promises still stand so many thousands of years later. Help me to keep my promises on my watch. Amen

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