He’ll Hear Yours Too

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Psalm 28:6

Praise be to the Lord, for he has heard my cry for mercy.


Here, King David, the monarch of Israel, had a need. His need was a need that only his God, Jehovah, could fulfill. He needed MERCY. Certainly, he felt that he was in tremendous peril. Even to the point of being dragged away to defeat. Yet somewhere in the midst of his turmoil, God hears David’s cry for mercy and “He’ll Hear Yours Too!”


This verse isn’t suggesting that David had sinned. But there is no doubt that the King felt as if all personal means of survival had been exhausted, and he was at his end. It was at this point that the King cried aloud, “Oh God, please have mercy on me.” Have you ever been there? Perhaps you’re crying this prayer to God right now as you read this short devo. I’m here this AM to tell you it still works because GOD IS HERE LISTENING to your cry for help this very minute. Just like He heard David’s cry for mercy, “He’ll Hear Yours Too!”


Dear Jesus,

I usually make this prayer very personal, but this AM I’m making this prayer all about my friend who is reading. Please hear their cry for mercy. Amen

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