He Burned What?

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Jeremiah 36:28

Take another scroll and write on it all the words that were on the first scroll, which Jehoiakim king of Judah burned up.


Jeremiah had prophesied about the future of Judah, Jerusalem, and Jehoiakim, the king. Jeremiah’s scribe was named Baruch. When the officials heard what had happened, they ordered that Jeremiah and Baruch be taken to a hidden location, knowing that King Jehoiakim would surely try and kill them. When the king heard about it, he had the scroll of Jeremiah’s prophecy brought to him. As they were reading the prophecy of Jeremiah, King Jehoiakim became overwhelmed with anger and ordered the scroll thrown into the fire, and it burned to ashes.


Of course, the Lord thought before it even happened concerning the wicked King Jehoiakim, “He Burned What?” So the Lord came to Jeremiah and said, “Take another scroll and have your scribe write the very words I gave you earlier. Jeremiah did. Part of the prophecy was that Jehoiakim would not have an heir to sit on the throne of Judah. He was destroyed, and his son Jehoiachin only sat on the throne for three months after his father’s demise. That wasn’t even long enough to have a ceremony and be crowned king. So Jeremiah lived past all the wickedness of the idiot who burned His word from the Lord. God, of course, gave another word, and all those who heard of Jehoiakim’s burning frenzy since that time have usually said, “He Burned What?”


Dear Jesus,

In my life, I’ve always considered Your Word to be precious. It’s my first reading in the AM and often my last reading before bed. It would be a knife through my heart to see someone burn Your Word before my eyes. Thank You for Your Word. Amen

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