Have You Ever Felt POOR And NEEDY?

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Psalm 70:5

But as for me, I am poor and needy; come quickly to me, O God. You are my help and my deliverer; Lord, do not delay.


This Psalm is an adaptation of Psalm 40 and should be connected to Psalm 71. It is believed that David wrote it, and he does so from a place of deep need. In whatever state he may have been in, he perceived himself to be “Poor and Needy.” And because he felt that way, he said what he always believed, that he saw his God as his ultimate help and deliverer.


I am going to take this verse and put it in my actual context as of this day. It is my birthday. But, today is a rather needy day for me personally. “Have You Ever Felt Poor and Needy?” I have on more than one occasion. But today is unique. First, as I said, it is my birthday. Second, it is Sunday. Third, here in South Florida, we are awaiting what the whole world has been watching for the last three days. The soon arrival of Hurricane Dorian. I’m going to preach today on the subject, “Our God Is Bigger Than Your Storm.” But I’m preaching it totally on faith. Why? Well if we get out, with no damage, it very well could mean that someone else may not over the next several days. Consequently, I write this AM and will preach today in a “Poor and Needy” state of mind. But I’m also reminded that it has been during those times in my life that the Lord has come through famously for me. So on my birthday, with the hurricane looming in the distance, and with God’s help, I will press on for victory no matter what. You will know how we “Poor and Needy” folks made it here in South Florida in the next few days.


Dear Jesus,

You already know that I am more “Poor and Needy” today than usual. That’s why I’m fully trusting in Your deliverance! Amen

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