Happy’s Family

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1 Chronicles 7:40

All these were descendants of Asher—heads of families, choice men, brave warriors and outstanding leaders.


Asher was the younger brother of Gad, each of whom was a son of Jacob born to Zilpah, the handmaiden of Leah. When Zilpah named the boy Asher, she was naming him “Happy,” the Hebrew meaning of his name. Asher went on to build his family, of whom history says his sons were heads of families, choice men, brave warriors, and outstanding leaders. Isn’t it amazing that these incredible sons were all part of “Happy’s Family?”


Rabbinical history tells us that Happy’s male offspring were more populous than any other tribe and that the females born of “Happy” were the most beautiful of all women and were desired by priests and princes for marriage. Let’s keep going. Asher’s (Happy’s) tribe had more oil than any other tribe and never had to be sustained by others, and their soil was so fertile that when times of scarcity came Happy’s Kids, provided olive oil for all of Israel. Finally, this tribe was always known in Israel as the tribe full of wisdom. It seems to me that Happiness is perhaps the most important quality when raising a powerful family. Whatever you have to do to get happy, Just Do It. And never forget “Happy’s Family.”


Dear Jesus,

I come to You this AM in need of Happiness. Please let me be that person in the room who lights the place up with Happiness! Amen

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