God’s Word To The Human Race

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Job 28:28

And he said to the human race, “The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.”


Job had some final words for the three friends who had come to visit him in his suffering. In this last verse of the chapter, he talked about where wisdom came from. But he made the statement to the whole human race. Job said, “The fear of the Lord is WISDOM and to shun evil is to gain UNDERSTANDING.”


How many times have you wondered what it means to fear the Lord. Or how many times has someone asked you, “Does God want you to be afraid of him?” Well here in this short and concise passage of scripture, “God’s Word To The Human Race” is “The fear of the Lord is WISDOM!” In other words, if your highest commitment is to Jesus, if He really is first in your life, then WISDOM is coming toward you as I write. The same is true of rejecting or shunning or running far from evil. This passage says, “That’s UNDERSTANDING!” The more we reject evil, the more life makes sense. The more we “Get It!” So this AM get UNDERSTANDING. Also, you want WISDOM? Fear God. Put God first in your life. Run toward Him as fast as you possibly can. When you do, WISDOM is yours for the taking. And by the way, that’s “God’s Word To The Human Race.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM I choose to fear You. I want to run toward you and make you first in my life. I need WISDOM. I also, with Your help, reject evil and gain UNDERSTANDING! I don’t want to be in the dark on issues. I want to Get It! Amen

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