God Cares For Your Right Cause

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Psalm 9:4

For you have upheld my right and my cause, sitting enthroned as the righteous judge.


In his prayer to the Almighty, King David acknowledged that God was indeed THE Sovereign over all the earth and that He ruled in righteousness. He then said that God had stood behind his (David’s mission on earth) “Right Cause.”


The great King David knew he was truly on a mission from God, extending God’s kingdom on earth. Because he knew he was working for the Lord in all of his battles, he also believed his Cause was a Righteous Cause. He acknowledged that the reason he kept winning his battles was that his was a “Right Cause.” There surely were times when it looked like he was surrounded, but David knew he was surrounded by the Lord. Whatever it is that you are believing for today as a “Follower of Jesus,” it’s important that you give it to the Lord. Make sure your motives are pure, and when you do and when they are, then your Cause is Right. Don’t let the devil lie to you because “God Cares For Your Right Cause.”


Dear Jesus,

With all of my heart, today I believe that You are the one I am receiving my orders from. With my whole heart, I’m trusting in You to preserve me today. I know You care about the “Right Cause” You have given me. Amen

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