Four Key Attributes Of Our God

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Psalm 89:14

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you.


The Psalmist, in describing the Almighty, talked about God’s throne being established upon His Righteousness and Justice. Then he said that the two characteristics of God’s personality that preceded Him were His Love and Faithfulness.


Think about these four attributes mentioned. They are attributes that our God possesses all the time. He’s completely righteous, or RIGHT, all the time. He is the definition of the word justice, and He is FAIR all the time. He is completely love. The scripture says God IS Love, and He LOVES all the time. He is the definition of the word Faithfulness, and He is FAITHFUL all the time. Did you notice I said ALL THE TIME at the end of each of those attributes? That’s because our God is ALWAYS those four attributes and never fails to be full-on, all the time. The God you serve, if He is the real God and is in no way human-made, must always be right, must always be fair, must always be loving, and HE must always be faithful. If He lacks in any of those four attributes, you have the wrong God. Why? Because these “Four Key Attributes Of Our God” are non-negotiable. That’s just who He is.


Dear Jesus,

This AM I am thankful that You are all-righteous, all-fair, all-loving, and all-faithful all the time. I know those are Your attributes. I’m blessed to serve the one and only wise God. Amen

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