Foolish FOOL

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Psalm 53:1

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”


The Psalmist made it very clear that only a fool would decide there is no God. It was a forthright statement by a man who had seen more than his fair share of fools in his lifetime. To him, anyone who would say there is no God was more than just a fool; he or she was a “Foolish Fool.”


I can’t say whether the Psalmist was calling an atheist a “Foolish Fool” or not, but he was calling anyone who was an admitted atheist a fool. When I was in high school, we went through a period of crazy jesting with the other guys on our football team, calling each other Foolish Fools. If someone did something really ignorant, we’d say, “Man you’re not just a fool you’re a Foolish Fool.” Now we know that Jesus strictly forbids anyone from calling their brother a “FOOL.” (Mt. 5:22) But think about a person who would look at the earth and the universe and how intricately it has all been made. Then look at the detail of the human body and the fact that we have a soul. With that information, how could anyone seriously believe, “There Is No God?” That person would have to be in jeopardy of being called a Foolish Fool.


Dear Jesus,

Dear Jesus, I’m calling on You today because I am not a Foolish Fool. Amen

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