Don’t OWN That FEAR!

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Job 3:25

What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.


These are the words of a man who lost houses, lands, children, and his business in one day. All of it! After it had happened, Job said something that is very significant. He said, “What I feared has come upon me!”


As a young man, I loathed this passage. I felt like everyone else. If this verse is in the Bible, then everything one fears will eventually happen to them. Certainly, like me, you love your children. You’re thankful for what you have, you’re thankful for your income, and you’re thankful for your investments whether great or small. But just because you love some of what I mentioned above, and appreciate the rest, doesn’t mean you have to be ruled by fear that one day you’ll lose it all. Except for war and sudden “acts of God,” like catastrophes, few people have lost everything in one day. I believe that in all of his greatness Job had a ruling flaw prior to this tragedy. His FEARS ruled him. He made FEAR his Lord. He OWNED his FEAR. How odd is it that he ran over to his kids’ house and asked God for forgiveness for what THEY had done every time they had a party?? I’m not saying the devil won’t tempt you with fear of losing something or someone you love. But I am saying, “Don’t OWN That FEAR!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m aware that the enemy of my life and soul would like to bathe me in fear around the clock. I know it’s out there, but with Your help I won’t bite that bait. With Your help I will not OWN that FEAR! Amen

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