Don’t Do Life Alone!

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Ecclesiastes 4:9

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.


King Solomon reminded all of us that two are better than one. He then proceeded to go through a list of examples of two people benefitting each other. If one falls, the other can pick them up. If two lie down together, they can keep each other warm. One person can easily be overpowered, but two can defend themselves better. It’s obvious that the king was insisting, “Don’t Do Life Alone!”


I have two immediate thoughts concerning this passage. The first is, where would I be without Jesus? The Lord truly is my light and my salvation. Of whom shall I be afraid? Seriously, Jesus is my Lord, my king, my helper, my friend, my confidant, my everything. Because of Jesus, I have a future and a hope. We make a great team. My second thought goes like this. Where would I be without my dear Robyn? Jesus is my heavenly companion, but Robyn has been my earthly companion for over four decades. She is my best friend, my confidant, my lover, my soul mate, the mother of my children, my co-pastor, my beauty queen, my helper. We make a great team too! I am living proof that he who finds a good wife, finds a good thing! I can tell you that I have never wanted to do life alone. Partnership and agreement can dominate every temptation the enemy throws at us. Some things Solomon says cause me to think hard and long, but this passage is what I live out every day. Whatever you do, “Don’t Do Life Alone!”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for You. And thank You for my dear Robyn. I’m not alone. You’re the reason I’m not, and I’ll never forget it. Amen

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