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Jeremiah 14:7a

Although our sins testify against us, do something, Lord, for the sake of your name.


Jeremiah turned briefly from the position of an accusatory prophet speaking for God against the people of Judah to asking for God’s merciful intervention in the lives of His beloved people. He said, “even though our sins testify against us, Do Something, Lord!”


It’s somewhat unclear just what Jeremiah wanted God to do. Of course, we believe that God wanted all men and women everywhere to be saved, but it’s also true that the people of Judah had sinned mightily against the Lord God of Israel. That is what was happening in this passage. When the prophet Jeremiah prayed and begged God to give Judah another opportunity, that’s not what happened. Instead, the people were touched by God with drought, famine, and sword. I believe it’s time for the sons and daughters of the Lord most high to cry out in humility to God Almighty and to tell the Lord, “Do Something, Lord!” In other words, we’ve sinned in this country so often against the Lord that sometimes it takes a minute to hear a solution from the Lord that would not only take care of the immediate problem, but that would give us a solid foundation upon which to stand. Until we are prepared to hear from and act on God’s direction, any present foundation we are trying to build on will come to naught.


Dear Jesus,

I’m not going to beg You to do something for me, Lord. I know I’m unworthy of all the wonderful things You have done for me already. Yet there are so many who need Your grace that I must ask You the same thing Jeremiah asked You. “Do Something, Lord!” Amen

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One thought on “Do Something Lord

  1. I just lost my I phone at the grocery store and I felt that I was under demonic attacks. Than, I prayed: «  Lord Jesus, Even that I have been cut off and stabbed, I worship You ». Amen!