Complete Joy

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


1 John 1:4

We write this to make our joy complete.


John the Beloved wrote this letter to the Christian church for all time. In this letter, he spoke of Jesus, who was God incarnate. He defended Him as one who had known Him and walked with Him and seen the miracles and known the sorrow of the crucifixion and the joy of the resurrection. John said, “we,” speaking of the fact that all of the disciples were standing with him in his first-person account of the facts he would present. He then said this is what will bring “us,” as in the disciples and me, “Complete Joy.”


What brings you Complete Joy? For the first disciples of Christ, what brought them Complete Joy was not money, or fame, or worldly influence. No! What brought them Complete Joy was the spreading of the “Good News” of Jesus the Messiah’s death, burial, resurrection, and ascension back to the Father. It was their mission to get this miraculous, happy, fulfilling story of “Good News” out to everyone possible. John was not writing about his latest purchase or hunting expedition or favorite meal. Those things were so way down the line on the disciples “gotta have it” list. “Complete Joy” was all about the message of the Savior and getting that message out. They lived hard for it and died even harder for the sake of the Master. So once again, this AM. “What Brings You Complete Joy?”


Dear Jesus,

I want to keep on doing what the first disciples found so joyful in their life. I want to get this “Good News” to as many people as possible. Help me, Lord. It’s all for You. Complete Joy! Amen

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