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Jeremiah 17:9

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?


The Lord spoke these words having to do with the heart of every man and woman through the great prophet Jeremiah. He said that the place in our lives where our decisions are made, the Heart, is so desperately wicked that it is beyond understanding.


Throughout my life as a minister of the gospel, I’ve preached on this verse many times. Yet, whenever I’ve preached on it, I’ve preached on it with this prevailing thought:  “Before Jesus.” You see, this is the Old Testament. This is spoken from our God, who lived with a broken heart because of the constant inconsistencies and waywardness of His people because of their fickle, spiritually adolescent, and rebellious hearts. Yet, all of this was Before Jesus. Jesus changed everything when He came and died and resurrected for our sins, and He continues to change everything today if we let Him. Our hearts are desperately wicked when separated from Jesus. But remember that’s, Before Jesus. Once we yield our hearts to Jesus, all things are made new, and all things become possible.


Dear Jesus,

I’m so grateful that You came and sacrificed Your life for my wayward and rebellious heart. Because You came, my heart now has to bow to Your love. Amen

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