Anyone Can Be Saved!

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


2 Chronicles 28:27

Ahaz rested with his ancestors and was buried in the city of Jerusalem, but he was not placed in the tombs of the kings of Israel. And Hezekiah his son succeeded him as king.


Ahaz was a thoroughly wicked King of Judah. He made ungodly alliances with the Assyrians, and the scripture tells us that he sacrificed his son in the fire to the god Moloch (2 Kings 16:3). When he died, his son Hezekiah succeeded him. This young king was a man of God and was mightily used by God more than his wicked father had been used by the evil one. With such a terrible father figure, Hezekiah simply proves that “Anyone Can Be Saved!”


There is no other explanation whereby this young king escaped the ways of his father than that his mother must have had a deep relationship with the Lord. Even so, I know that boys do their best to emulate their fathers if they’re good or if they’re not so good. But this one son of Ahaz, known as Hezekiah, became a polar opposite of his father when it became his turn to lead. My friend Nicky Cruz came out of a horrendous life of drugs and gangs in New York City to serve Jesus and become a worldwide evangelist of the saving power of Jesus. How did he end up in such an original mess? Well, for one, his mother was a witch. Literally! But God brought Nicky out! Hallelujah! Listen, my friend, if Hezekiah can be the son of such a terrible, idol-worshipping father/king, and Nicky can be saved as the son of a witch and the leader of a major gang in New York City, then I’m pretty sure “Anyone Can Be Saved!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I’m so grateful for Your grace. You didn’t have to reach down to save me, but You did, and I thank You. If I can be saved, then I’m pretty sure, “Anybody Can Be Saved!” Amen

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