Am I Ready?

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Amos 4:12c

Prepare to meet your God.


If ever there was a prophet who came from almost nowhere, it was Amos. His prophecies against Israel are alarming. Yes, he did die a violent death at the hands of his adversaries for what he preached. Even today, people would most likely want him silenced. He reminded the people of Israel of the times God had severely judged them. However, even then they would not repent. Because of all of this rejection of the most high God, Amos said, “Prepare to meet your God!”


As I write, it is summertime in my country. I look at social media and friends and acquaintances who are vacationing in exotic places around the world. Even I sit here early in the AM in South Florida beauty. Behind the beauty, there are broken people around the world. Have I done enough to bring them the good news they need? Have I reached beyond my comfort and into their pain enough to reach them with love? Have I given enough and cried enough and loved enough on their behalf? When I read Amos’ words this AM, “Prepare to meet your God,” right away, I titled this devotional “Are You Ready?” But then this still, small voice from heaven said to me, “Rich, instead of putting this on your readers you should put it on yourself.” So that’s what I’m doing this AM. Hence the question, “Am I Ready?”


Dear Jesus,

I know that someday I will meet you face to face and not just in my prayer closet. When I meet you, I want to hear you say, “Well Done.” I’m not sure I’m there yet, but I want to be. Help me gear up for more and not sit back and rest while people need You. Amen

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2 thoughts on “Am I Ready?

  1. Know ye that he is GOD! It is GOD That has Made us us, and not We Ourselves.