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Philippians 1:12

Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel.


St. Paul wrote these words to the young Christians at Philippi. He was writing from prison, so they knew he had and was at the time suffering for the sake of the gospel. But he said to them that the things he had suffered for the gospel’s sake had actually advanced the gospel. He told them that the entire prison guard knew he was there because he preached the good news. Other Christians, knowing this, determined that if Paul could do it, they could do it too. What Paul was telling all of us is that when you serve the Lord, it’s “All Good!”


We, as Jesus followers, know that the Word tells us that our steps are ordered by the Lord. We also know that even when it appears to others that we have lost, we have actually won again. Serving Jesus is a win-win situation every time. Look at what the Apostle said again. He said, “I’m here in prison, and all the prison guards know about what I did. I preached the gospel, and they put me in jail for it. So they have seen and heard my witness. Because I’m in prison for the sake of the gospel, other Christians are beginning to see that nothing can stop us. So, from my perspective, the gospel is going forward.” Paul was excited about it to the point that he was really saying, “I’m in prison, but it’s All Good!” What about you today? Maybe you’re in a bad situation, and all you did was the right thing. Don’t give up or in, because Jesus knows! He knows it’s going to work out. Face it. It’s “All Good!”


Dear Jesus,

I had something that I was concerned about this AM, but the more I think about it, it’s “All Good!” Amen


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