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Zechariah 6:5

The angel answered me, “These are the four spirits of heaven, going out from standing in the presence of the Lord of the whole world.”


Zechariah encountered an angel from heaven in Chapter 1 and stayed with the prophet through Chapter 6. He revealed many things to Zechariah, and one of the things he revealed was the four spirits that stand before the Lord. They wait for His instructions, and they then obey His commands and carry out the Lord’s instructions throughout the whole world.


Two major translations of this text tell us that the word “WIND” is a better translation than the word “SPIRITS.” The Jewish people would have understood the term “WIND” more readily. Either way, these Wind/Spirits stand before the throne of God waiting for instructions from the Almighty about what part of the world they will deliver the will of God to. To some, it will be judgment; to others, it could be peace and prosperity. But the truth is, nothing happens on this planet that God isn’t totally aware of. Whether He makes it happen or allows it to happen, our God is in complete control. If you are being tested today in a strict way, God knows all about it and is preparing you for something greater after the test He wants you to pass. If you are experiencing tremendous prosperity, in time, you will be tested. The “WIND” in heaven stands at His throne awaiting instructions. Either way, “It’s God’s Call!”


Dear Jesus,

I stand in awe of You here on earth. You alone know what is best for me. I await Your arrival! I’m excited about the will of God to be made manifest in my life. I always know, “It’s God’s Call!” Amen

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