God Will Always Forecast What’s Coming

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Isaiah 49:20

The children born during your bereavement will yet say in your hearing, “This place is too small for us; give us more space to live in.”


There are so many ways to interpret the context of this writing. Not the least of which is the New Testament interpretation of this OT prophecy. The idea is that many of the Jews rejected Jesus, and the Gentiles joined the rest, taking their place in the Body of Christ. There are so many who seek and love God, and they now cry for space to operate in.


As I said, there are many ways to contextualize the verse, but let me take it totally out of context and tell you that in 2007 my wife was reading this passage, and she felt the Lord speak to her. Our second son had just come to work on staff with us, and his big brother was already on the team. We had two more sons and knew they wanted in the ministry as well. Robyn came to me and said, “Rich, we’re a big church, but we aren’t big enough for what these boys of ours will bring.” We took that as a word from God. Because of that, we helped each son leave for his own ministry when the time came. Only one stayed with us. It was nothing for us to be sorry about because all of them are winning in a huge way in their ministries. Here’s what you need to hear this AM. “God Will Always Forecast What’s Coming.” We just have to listen.


Dear Jesus,

How grateful I am that You helped Robyn and me to be ready for what was happening way back. In time, it happened just like You had forecasted it would. Help us always to be open to Your forecasts! Amen

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